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Booking Appointments

You can book appointments by ringing the surgery on 4946 6000 between 8 am and 5.00 pm weekdays.

Or you can log on to Automed at any time to book an appointment:


If you think that you need extra time with your doctor please let us know at the time of making your appointment. Examples of things you will need more time with your doctor include discussing multiple issues, mental health assessments,  procedures, complex issues or if it is your first time at the surgery.

Making the right appointment for your needs will help your doctor to run on time. While we endeavor to run on time, it is not always possible. In the interests of good patient care we sometimes have to extend consulting times. We respect our patients needs and hence try to accommodate as much as possible to your individual needs.

If you arrive for your appointment and you think that you require urgent assistance (due to chest pain, difficulty breathing, dizziness or severe pain) or you believe you may be contagious (e.g. flu symptoms, gastro, child with a rash), please advise our reception staff immediately so we can assist you.

Please be aware that if you come to your appointment late, your doctor may not be able to see you & your appointment will need to be rescheduled.

Cross Infection

Our practice makes every attempt to prevent cross infection between patients.  We do not provide toys but encourage parents and carers to be mindful of this when bringing children to the surgery.  Patients are welcome to ring prior to their appointment to reduce their waiting time.  Please inform our staff if you think you are infectious when booking your appointment.  In times of disease outbreaks in the community we encourage our patients to minimise routine visits to your doctor. 

Communication via Electronic Means

We do not communicate with our patients via email however we do mobile reminders to securely notify you when you need to book an appointment.

Fees and Billing Arrangements

We are a Private Practice therefore we do not bulk bill our patients. We prefer all fees to be paid at the time of consultation. Our practice full fee schedule is listed below. Payments can be made by cash, cheque, Credit Card, or EFTPOS.   Our staff can send patient claim information directly to Medicare Online through a secure internet connection.

  • We do offer a discounted fee for pensioners and health care cardholders.

  • Longer or more involved consultations will attract higher fees.

  • We do have a schedule of fees available at the front desk; please ask our staff for details.


It is not our intention to deprive our patients of medical attention.  Rather, we are concerned to ensure all patients receive the best possible care.  If you have special circumstances please feel free to discuss this with your doctor.



Practice Fee_edited.jpg

Forms and Letters

Patients must make an appointment to see their treating doctors to complete all forms or letters. This will ensure the forms are completed accurately.  Forms can be downloaded from the Form Downloads Tab at the top.

Home Visits

Home visits are at the discretion of each individual doctor. They will only be offered to regular patients of the practice and within a 5km radius. For any further enquiries regarding home visits please speak to our admin team.

Medical Certificates

The doctors must have a consultation with the patient to issue a medical certificate, as it is a legal document.

Privacy Policy

To read a copy of our Privacy policy please click the link: Privacy Policy


To ensure the best management of patient care we do require the patient to attend a consultation with their regular treating doctor for all referrals including health referrals under Medicare funded programs.

Medicare requires the GP to see and assess their patients before referring any patient to a specialist. This referral process allows for the efficient and proper use of consultant resources and ensures fair and timely access to specialist services by patients who need them. Referrals are valid for 12 months. This is because it is intended that patients visit their GP at least annually for reassessment, to ascertain if the referral is still indicated and that the referral has your latest up-to-date information.

Please note that you will require an appointment with your doctor to get your referral. You also need to be aware that doctors are not permitted by law to back-date specialist referrals. Patients should ensure that they have a current referral before they see the specialist.

​Medicare has advised that phone calls from the specialists’ rooms on the day of consultation are not acceptable. If a patient sees a specialist without a referral from the treating doctor, they will have to bear the cost of the consultation as no Medicare rebate will be payable.


Our practice is committed to preventative health care.  We use a reminder system through Automed, including National and State reminders for alerting patients to upcoming or overdue care activities. From time to time you may receive a reminder call, letter or SMS message from us or through Automed.  If you do not wish to participate in our reminder system, please advise our staff.

Repeat Prescriptions

In the interest of our patients’ health, our doctors will not issue a repeat prescription without a consultation as it important the patient be regularly reviewed while on medication. You can book an appointment for your script renewal through Automed. Please go to


In most cases, results are best given by an appointment with your doctor.  Usually the results have an implication for patient management. The best interpretation of this can be achieved in the unhurried setting of a patient consultation.  

If your results are normal, you will not be contacted by us.  If your doctor would like to discuss your results with you, we will generally send you a message through Automed if you have consented to SMS, or we will ring you to make an appointment. 

Where appropriate, and consent has been given, Automed is used for Recall and Result purposes.


Telehealth  appointments are available and supported since  the COVID19 pandemic. These consultations are billed at exactly the same rates as face to face consultations. The medicare rebates for these consultations are also the same.


You may contact your doctor by telephone during normal surgery hours.  Our reception staff will take a message and discuss the details with your treating doctor.  Return calls will be made when appropriate. We ask you to keep calls to a minimum as these calls do interrupt and are time consuming.  In many cases our reception staff will be able to help with any enquiries.  All emergency calls will always be put straight through.

Your Health Information

The privacy of your health is important to us.  All staff including administration staff, respect your privacy and keep your health information confidential at all times.

Your medical record is a confidential document and as such it is the policy of the practice to maintain the security of your personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorised members of staff.  If you need to request a copy of your health information please see any of our staff and they will help you.

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